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    Engaged in the hemodialysis concentrate production of science and technology enterprises

    Hemodialysis powder A
    Hemodialysis powder A-EN
    Hemodialysis powder B
    Hemodialysis powder B-EN
    Blood dialysis concentrate dispensing system
        Yancheng Ren Yue Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is specialized in blood purification and related products in the field of science and technology enterprises, it has a number of patent technology, set product research, production, sales and service as a whole. Located in the national counties —No.51,4th Road, Private Technology Park, Jian hu County,Yancheng City, covers more than 13000㎡, according to the requirements of GMP,We have built from 100 to 100,000 grades clean workshop which covers 1800㎡, warehouse account for more than 2000㎡. Existing staff of more than 30 people,including collge degree or above in technical personnel 16 people,designs and manufactures dialysis concentrate 5 million does. 
        Companies adhering to the “integrity,morality,great kindness,beyond”spirit of enterprise.Strickly in accordance with the......<moer>

    The company registered capital of 10 million yuan, Covers an area of more than 13000 square meters

    Disposable medical devices? To see the world do
    Our country's laws and regulations stipulate that disposable medical supplies and disposable public goods should not be reused. However, the reuse of Single Use Device (SUD) has become a hot issue, which stimulates the sensory nerve from time to time. Among th...
    Hear what the state says about the strategic development plan of the medical and health industry?
    Strategic emerging industries represent the direction of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, and are the key areas to cultivate new momentum for development and gain new competitive advantages in the future. Du...
    The Way of Merger and Acquisition in Medical Device Industry: Integration of Assets, Business and Personnel
    Promoted by a series of rules and regulations of standardized supervision and bidding, coupled with the industry's own changes, medical services, medical devices mergers and acquisitions are particularly enthusiastic. Many senior professionals also combined th...
    Yancheng Ren Yue Biotechnology Co.,Ltd
    Add: yancheng jianhu private science and technology business incubator 4 road no. 51
    Tel: 86-400-8283-683
    Fax: 86-0515-86265286
    Zip: 224700
    Email: ycrenyue@126.com
    Web: www.wofmall.com

    For people's physical health to benevolence, the person's contribution

    ·江蘇省蘇北人民醫院   ·鹽城市第一人民醫院   ·揚州洪泉醫院   ·高郵市中醫院   ·南京鼓樓醫院集團儀征醫院  
    ·沭陽仁慈醫院   ·揚州東方醫院   ·阜寧安康醫院   ·臨湘市中醫院   ·漢中八一三醫院血透室  
    ·湖南省武岡市展輝醫院   ·湖南盛永州市藍山縣中西醫結合醫院   ·湖南邵陽市隆回縣人民醫院血透室   ·湖南岳陽市君山區人民醫院   ·江西翔星貿易有限公司  
    ·成都立強醫療器械有限公司   ·湖南軒威醫療器械有限公司   ·江蘇潤湖科技有限公司   ·鹽城萬驥科技有限公司   ·廣州貝恩醫療器械有限公司  
    Add: yancheng jianhu private science and technology business incubator 4 road no. 51 Tel: 86-400-8283-683  FAx: 86-0515-86265286  
    Email:ycrenyue@126.com  Web:www.wofmall.com
    All Rights Reserved:Yancheng Ren Yue Biotechnology Co.,Ltd 蘇ICP備18068802號-1
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